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For more than thirty years, parents have been commissioning me to help their sons and daughters as they transition from higher education into the next stage of their lives. I am passionate about helping every individual to achieve their potential, and have a reputation for establishing and maintaining positive and productive partnerships with a diversity of people at challenging and important moments in their lives.

Everyone is different

Everyone is different... and everyone has attributes that make them interesting and special. Exam results are only a small part of what anyone has to offer... My approach is to give each client generous time to identify and understand their key attributes, along with other skills, knowledge and experience that should help them to lay the foundations for a fulfilling future.

An environment which encourages individuals to 'open out'

Individual counselling or coaching sessions are normally scheduled for full half days, in my house in Kew, a venue which facilitates a relaxed, professional atmosphere. Making sure that there is plenty of time to explore – sometimes challenge – my client's personal history, and to elicit and develop ideas in a peaceful and safe atmosphere, is a key element of my approach, and one that clients tell me that they really appreciate.

We work hard

It is absolutely essential that, to get the most out of each session, my client has to make a positive decision to embark upon the process, and to fully participate in the (not always easy) work that I will ask them to do. Before any contract is agreed, I meet each potential client – on their own - to communicate a real 'feel' for my approach, and to discuss what I will expect them to contribute to the sessions, and to describe the range of 'homework' that they will have to do between meetings.

Informal, but productive

I organise the time allocated to each session to be used in a structured way to establish a 'thinking partnership' in order to develop – and agree – a 'big picture' of all the things that my client could offer to their 'target audience'... for example, a potential employer, admissions tutor or selection panel. Once this is established, the next step is to decide how to apply this learning to make an individual career development and personal marketing plan – and then to test and implement it, with continuing support and advice.

Developing a portfolio of practical resources

A personal marketing plan is likely to include a 'core' CV, which can be modified for different audiences, coaching for interviews, assessment centres, networking encounters etc and help with applications. Appropriate psychometric results may add to the mix.

Worth the effort!

Most of my clients really enjoy the process, which is designed to help them to understand themselves better and to be confident about what – from an evidence base - they could contribute to an employer, or to a course... or to their own business. We do a lot of talking and thinking, but our aim is always to achieve practical results.

A 'trusted friend'

Continuing support usually includes informal contact by phone and email... by the end of each individual programme I aim to have become a 'trusted friend' and will encourage the individual to keep in touch in order to test out ideas or share experiences with me. Some have become long term friends, even helping to provide advice or work experience for current clients... others send annual Christmas cards, to give me an update on how 'the plan' is working... I am very proud to feel that my advice and guidance has been of value to so many great people.

Completely confidential

Importantly – although parents are usually paying for this service – my 'contract' is with each individual client. To be effective, the process has to be completely confidential, and there is no formal 'reporting back'... although I encourage each client to involve family and friends at each stage in their thinking and planning process. It is not unusual, as the formal programme come to a conclusion, for the client to invite his or her parents to join a discussion with me about what they have gained from the process, and to articulate how they plan to go forward.

An investment in your son or daughter’s future

Because so much professional time is dedicated to each client, my programmes are quite expensive. Deciding to commission me to work with me your son or daughter should be regarded as an investment in their future... an addition to their education... something that is specifically designed to help them to help themselves to achieve their potential.

Please contact me to arrange an initial discussion about how I may be able to help you