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Graduates, however well qualified, increasingly face challenges after they leave university. There is immense competition for sought-after jobs and training contracts, even for individuals who have really enjoyed, and done well in, their degree studies. For many graduates, the experience of university was not quite what they had hoped for... some may feel that they had chosen to study the wrong course... others are aware that they had rather too good a social life, or devoted too much time to sport or other activities... and that this has been reflected in their results... Others have had bad luck, or an illness or accident which made them miss part of their course. Whatever the challenges faced, I believe that most individuals can benefit from bespoke career counselling and support.

Passionate about helping graduates and postgraduates to achieve their potential

I am a very experienced, specialist careers consultant, based in west London, with a track record of helping a diversity of individuals to understand themselves better, make positive steps, and start to build the kind of lives and careers where they can thrive, and where they are likely to be happy.

Recently, clients have chosen to work with me to help them overcome a range of issues, including: Not all my clients have been to university, and some have dropped out... for example: Could I be the right person to work with your son or daughter?

Most parents hope that when their son or daughter leaves school that they will be 'on their way' to a happy and independent life... that they will enjoy their time at university, and that, in due course, they will graduate, and embark upon the early stages of a fulfilling career...

However, life doesn’t always go to plan... and help from outside the family can be beneficial

I have worked with students, graduates and postgraduates for more than 30 years, and have a reputation for building positive and productive working relationships with individuals from a diversity of backgrounds. My approach is entirely unjudgemental... I work on the principle that everyone is different... there are no rights or wrongs... and that everyone has attributes that can be harnessed and developed to help an individual to achieve their potential. Feedback often mentions that a client felt that they were 'taken seriously' during the work we did together. I genuinely care about what happens to each individual... and it shows. Past clients often keep in touch over a period of years, letting me know how 'the plan' is working...

First steps...

If you are interested in discussing how I may be able to help your son or daughter, the first step is for you to email me, with a request for an initial – entirely free – telephone conversation at a mutually convenient time. After you have described the situation as you see it, and have given me some background, I will be able to make some suggestions, and introduce you to the programme that I would recommend, and the likely fees involved.

If you think that my approach may be of interest to your son or daughter – and that the fees would be acceptable to you – I will suggest that you talk things through with him or her, and ask them to contact me to arrange a completely confidential telephone conversation.

Your son or daughter needs to feel that my approach could be helpful, and that they would like to work with me...

During my conversation with your son or daughter I will ask questions about how they feel about their situation, whether they think than it could be helpful to work with an independent adviser, and if they feel that the approach I describe could be of value to them.

Meeting face to face before making a final decision...

If they would like to move onto the next stage, I suggest that s/he comes to meet me, to see where I work, and to get a better feel for my working style, and how we would work together.

Talking things through with you...

At the end of this meeting, I will suggest that s/he takes a few days to reflect on our discussion and to talk things through with you in order to make a decision about whether, or not, they would like to work with me.

There is no charge for these initial discussions

If your son or daughter makes a positive decision to work with me, we will arrange a date for our first session, and I will invoice you for the full programme that we agree. Payment should be made into my bank account before the first session.
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