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Specialist in Career Planning, Development and Change




My work with graduates, postgraduates and current students is informed by many years of experience... by googling my name, you will get an impression of the range of work that I have done, and the diversity of organisations that have commissioned me. Very unusually, within the careers world, I have considerable experience of working directly with a diversity of blue chip employers to help them attract, select and develop high potential people. This has proved invaluable in helping my coaching clients to 'look at' themselves through the eyes of their target audience, and to understand how selection decisions are actually made...

I have enjoyed every aspect of my work as an independent consultant, but I have particularly gained huge satisfaction from helping people at the early stages of their careers... and so, quite recently, I made a positive decision to focus my practice on helping graduates and postgraduates... mainly (but not exclusively) people in their early – mid 20s. I’m not aware of anyone else who specialises in working with this important group of people.

An overview of the professional experience which informs my work includes: I am qualified to administer and give feedback on a range of psychometric tools, including the Myers Briggs type Indicator (MBTI).

Real management experience too

After an initial academic training in Psychology at Manchester University – where I became very interested in how people make – or don't make – decisions, I spent the first stage of my career as a manager in the communications industry with Granada TV, the BBC and 'Time Out' magazine.

I am married, with two (very different!) graduate daughters – now in their early thirties, and building their own lives and careers – one in London and the other in New York. Over the years, I have worked with many of their friends as they have faced challenges in their educational or working lives.

Now into 'stage 3' of my own career, I continue to enjoy doing something that feels really worthwhile...